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Business Startup

Business Startup

Los Angeles County Business Startup Attorney

Practically every aspect of your business startup phase involves a legal issue. How you handle these can determine whether your venture is successful. However, as an entrepreneur, you do not have an unlimited amount of time to spend on legal matters, nor do you have the know-how. This is why you need a business startup attorney to partner with you.

When You Need a Business Startup Lawyer

Attorneys play a valuable role in your business planning process. Here are some reasons why you need an attorney even before your business is open to the public:

  • Choosing the right business form and drafting the incorporation documents
  • Drafting your corporate bylaws
  • Raising capital from investors and other securities law issues
  • Negotiating and signing leases and contracts
  • Help with employment law issues as you begin to staff up with workers

As a startup entrepreneur, your attorney can be a valuable partner, providing you with advice based on their years of experience. As a business owner, we understand the challenges that others face when starting and managing their own companies. Having a counselor who can help you be proactive and lay the groundwork for the future is critical to your success.

While you definitely need to be aware of legal issues and make the ultimate decisions on these matters, getting yourself too far into the weeds can be a distraction when your time and skills are needed elsewhere. It is vital to begin your business on the right legal footing because issues will invariably come up in the future.

Contact a Los Angeles County Business Startup Lawyer

At the Kaver Law Office, we have partnered with many entrepreneurs to provide them with the critical support that they need in the startup phase. Contact an experienced business startup attorney online or call us at (310) 620-6420.