Business Transactions
Business Transactions

Business Transactions

Los Angeles County Business Transactions Attorney

Business transactions are never as cut-and-dry as agreeing on a deal and signing a contract. Every deal that you make can raise numerous considerations in different legal areas. The transaction itself must be negotiated, and you must also consider things such as:

  • Business taxes
  • Personnel and employment law matters
  • Executive retention and compensation
  • Existing business contracts

When You May Need a Business Transactions Lawyer

You need legal representation at a very early stage, preferably when you are beginning to plan your transaction. You should have an attorney for every deal, no matter how routine it seems. Here are some business transactions that would require a lawyer:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing agreements
  • Contracts
  • Shareholder agreements

Any type of deal that your business does may involve a counterparty with its own attorney. Not only do you need to negotiate the transaction, but you should be aware of laws that affect it. At the same time, the other party has their own counsel, so it is vital that you have your own legal advice. The terms that you agree to will govern how the transaction unfolds. While you always want a smooth business transaction, you can always count on issues arising.

Knowledge of the process is the key to a successful transaction. Our attorneys will explain your legal options and the steps that you can take to better protect yourself. We will give you advice that could help the deal happen on terms that are advantageous to you. We learn your business, so we can place ourselves in your shoes and learn the considerations that are important to you.

Contact a Los Angeles County Business Transactions Attorney

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