Buying/Selling a Business
Buying/Selling a Business

Buying/Selling a Business

Los Angeles County Buying/Selling a Business Attorney

Business sellers and buyers have different and often competing interests. This does not mean that a business transaction is a zero-sum game as it can be beneficial for both parties. Nonetheless, the sale of a business presents a number of legal issues during and after the deal.

Why Buyers Need Attorneys

If you are a prospective buyer, you have a number of concerns. These include:

  • Doing your due diligence on the company to know exactly what you are getting
  • Negotiating the best terms of the transaction
  • Lining up financing for the purchase
  • Negotiating non-compete agreements with the seller

As a buyer, the last thing that you want is to end up with a business that has hidden liabilities or is not what you thought when you agreed to purchase it. Buying a business can be a great way to acquire a sound brand and expertise, but you need to proceed very carefully.

How Lawyers Help Sellers

If you are the seller, you may be particularly interested in:

  • The structure of the deal and how you are paid
  • The tax implications of the transaction
  • Protection in case the buyer does not live up to the terms of the deal
  • Your level of involvement after the sale is completed

Practically every issue that we detailed above may require extensive negotiations and different ideas for how to address them. An experienced mergers and acquisitions attorney could raise matters for your consideration and help you arrive at a solution. They can act as both your legal protector and deal facilitator.

Los Angeles County Attorney for Buying or Selling a Business

If you are a business owner or a prospective buyer and are considering a transaction, contact the Kaver Law Office online or call us at (310) 620-6420. Beginning to address legal matters at an early stage could either further your prospects of success or protect you from future problems.