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Franchise Law

Franchise Law

Los Angeles County Franchise Law Attorney

A franchise arrangement can be mutually beneficial for the franchisee and franchisor when it is done correctly. The most crucial thing is the franchise agreement that details each party’s rights and obligations. Both sides to a franchise deal need legal counsel to guide them through the process to ensure the success of the venture.

A franchise agreement is like any other contract. Its strict language will control your business arrangement. If you sign a bad deal, there is little to protect you in the future. This is why you benefit from hiring an attorney before you agree to anything.

How a Franchise Law Attorney Could Assist You

Here is what a franchise attorney can do you for whether you are the franchisor or franchisee:

  • Reviewing the franchise agreement
  • Negotiating any changes to the document
  • Communicating your position in any disputes over the agreement
  • Representing you in franchise litigation

In the best-case scenario, the franchise arrangement is successful, and the franchisee benefits from the brand and corporate help from the franchisor. However, there are occasionally disputes because the interests of the franchisor and franchisee are not always aligned.

There is always a chance that what seemed so promising at the outset ends up in litigation. If that happens, we will provide you with aggressive counsel. However, some of the most successful agreements are the ones that stay out of court. A proactive lawyer could anticipate issues at an early stage and keep your business moving on the path to success.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles County Franchise Lawyer

Nobody should draft a franchise agreement or sign one before an experienced franchise attorney has carefully reviewed the document. Contact the Kaver Law Office online or call us at (310) 620-6420, so we can get to work safeguarding your legal rights in this crucial agreement.