Los Angeles County Cannabis Law Attorney

If you are considering getting involved in the cannabis business, you need a full-service lawyer who can work across a number of disciplines and practice areas. The obvious thing that you must do first is receive a license. You would need both a local permit and a state license. This requires a lengthy and detailed process for which you must prepare extensively. Before you can even apply for the license, you must have a business structure in place.

Even after you are licensed, there are ongoing compliance requirements that you must strictly follow. This requires that you have an experienced attorney on your side who is informed of recent and future developments and could help you prepare. Marijuana businesses have reporting requirements and are subject to audits and inspections. They need to always be able to show how they are following the numerous laws that govern the business.

How a Cannabis Lawyer Can Help You

In addition, your business needs a lawyer who can help with the other aspects of your operation. It starts with an experienced business attorney assisting with matters such as incorporation and corporate bylaws. Here are some other areas in which you need legal assistance for your cannabis business:

  • Incorporation and bylaws
  • Real estate land purchases and leases
  • Environmental compliance
  • Raising capital
  • Business contracts

These skills need to be combined with a deep understanding of the marijuana industry. The business is always changing, and you need the legal guidance to help you adapt to a rapidly evolving industry.

An Experienced Los Angeles County Cannabis Lawyer

At the Kaver Law Office, our cannabis attorney is knowledgeable in cannabis law and all of the other areas that pertain to your business. Contact us online or call us today at (310) 620-6420 to take the first step to getting the legal help that you need.