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Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Cultivation Attorney

When you think of the commercial cannabis industry in California, many people first think of retail dispensaries. However, savvy landowners and investors will find one of the largest returns on investments comes from the cultivation side. A successful cultivation operation can be highly profitable, especially in California, which has grown to be the most prominent cannabis market in the entire world.

Starting and operating a cannabis cultivation business is not nearly as straightforward as other types of companies, however. You must ensure that you take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the tangled web of cannabis regulations in our state. It is important to seek assistance and support from a Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis cultivation attorney from the very start.

How We Can Assist You

Our law firm can help with every aspect of your cannabis cultivation business, including:

  • Selecting and forming the right business entity
  • Developing and executing a successful business strategy
  • Finding and acquiring a suitable property for your operations
  • Prepare and file your application for state licensing
  • Applying for and obtaining local licenses, permits, and approval from local government
  • Building and protecting your brand and marketing
  • Navigating the process of annual license and permit renewals
  • Maintaining full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

We help to address all of the above so you can focus on making your cultivation business as successful as possible.

Consult with a Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Cultivation Lawyer

At Kaver Law Office, we know how to assist companies in the cannabis industry with a wide range of legal matters and concerns. Call 310.620.6420 or contact us online to learn more about how a Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis cultivation lawyer can help your company succeed.