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Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Distribution Attorney

Distributors play a highly important role in the cannabis industry supply chain, and operating a distribution business can be a highly lucrative venture. However, like any type of cannabis operation, distributors must take the proper steps to set up their companies properly and operate in accordance with a wide range of strict state regulations in California.

Anyone seeking to start – or already operating – such a company should always have the guidance and counsel of an experienced Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis distribution lawyer.

State-Regulated Distributor Responsibilities

The final cannabis regulatory scheme by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) in California addresses distributor requirements and responsibilities in Chapter 2, Section 5300. Operational tasks go beyond traditional distributor duties in other industries, and they include:

  • Purchasing properly cultivated and tested cannabis flower or products from licensed cultivation operations
  • Transporting the products in a secure manner to licensed premises
  • Arranging for the quarantine and testing of samples in specific storage areas
  • Performing quality control on products and packaging to ensure they are in compliance with all applicable safety regulations
  • Delivering the cannabis products to licensed retailers and tracking all deliveries
  • Properly keeping records of all transactions and deliveries

Another important consideration is that retailers are being solicited by sales reps from many distribution companies, and you want your brand and services to stand out in the market. Our law firm helps distributors develop brands and compliance strategies that set them up for maximum success.

Consult with a Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Distribution Lawyer

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