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Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Trademarks Attorney

It is impossible not to notice all of the billboards and other marketing efforts of cannabis retailers throughout Southern California. When you spend time, energy, and other resources building your brand, you want to make sure you take all possible steps to legally protect that brand.

Since cannabis is still a federally controlled substance, the federal United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will reject trademark applications regarding cannabis due to violations of the lawful use rule. However, there are other options to protect your trademarks in Califonia, and you should have a Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis trademark lawyer evaluate the best course of action.

Other Trademark Protection Options

First, you can register your trademark on the state level if you meet the requirements and file the necessary paperwork. While this only protects your marks within the state, it prevents local competitors from wrongfully misappropriating your brand, including your company name, logo, slogan, or other designs. If approved, you can use the “™” symbol to notify others of your registered mark.

You can also have limited protections under common law simply by openly using a unique mark first. If someone tries to use that mark later, you have the right to protect your trademark, though not all the rights of a properly registered mark.

Finally, you might be able to federally register trademarks for non-cannabis-related aspects of your business. This might include consulting, apparel, education, apps, and more that would meet the lawful use requirement.

Consult with a Los Angeles County and Orange County Cannabis Trademarks Lawyer

If you would like assistance protecting your cannabis-related trademarks, do not wait to consult with Kaver Law Office. You want to ensure that you are the first one to register and protect your brand, so discuss the matter with a Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis trademark attorney by calling 310.620.6420 or contacting us online.