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Los Angeles County Internet Cannabis Business Attorney

The cannabis business in California has moved onto the internet as consumers can purchase cannabis products online in many jurisdictions. However, when the business moves away from physical stores, there are a whole new host of legal issues in addition to the usual compliance matters.

Possible Internet Cannabis Business Legal Issues

An internet business merges both of the emerging areas of technology and cannabis. Now, your business needs to be concerned about the following:

  • Compliance with state and federal advertising laws
  • Customer privacy protection
  • Software licensing issues
  • Your allowable social media presence and postings
  • Intellectual property matters

This is just a sampling of the issues that technology presents for you. You need the rare combination of an attorney who can not only handle corporate and marijuana issues, but who also has the technical know-how to guide your online business.

The internet cannabis business is anything but simple, and you should be able to keep up with regulatory and legal developments as they occur. Your platform needs to achieve optimal performance and be accessible for you to be successful. However, you must also navigate the technology and legal requirements to stay within the law.

The cannabis industry has a number of laws that make this different from the typical online business. For example, there are very strict age gating rules, and your advertising must follow very prescriptive rules. How and where you sell is tightly controlled by law. In order to have a licensed and approved business, you need carefully drafted policies and procedures that your attorney could draft.

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