Resolving Conflicts Between Business Owners

Resolving Conflicts Between Business Owners

Resolving Conflicts Between Business Owners

There are many valuable benefits to having multiple owners work together to launch and operate a business. Different owners bring different perspectives and ideas to the table, which can improve your chances of success and profitability. However, these differences also mean that disputes and conflicts can arise between owners.

How do you resolve legal owner disputes? Will you have to go to court? Is it the end of your business? Fortunately, there are numerous ways that an experienced Los Angeles business litigation attorney can help resolve the matter in an efficient and effective way.

Informal Negotiation

Sometimes, it only requires the evaluation and negotiation of a legal professional to help owners find a middle ground. A business lawyer will be able to identify options for compromise or present arguments in a manner that is more effective when it comes to negotiating a resolution.

Look to Your Agreements

Every company with multiple owners should have owner agreements in writing. Not only do these agreements help to prevent disputes, but they should also provide guidance on how to resolve them. Our attorney can review all relevant operating agreements, which might require alternative dispute resolution. This might include:

  • Mediation – The owners attend sessions with a neutral third-party mediator who works to facilitate conversation and compromise. Mediation agreements will then be legally binding.
  • Arbitration – This is similar to litigation, but it is much more efficient. Each side presents arguments to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, who then decide how to resolve the dispute.

As a last resort, our attorney can initiate litigation on your behalf or defend against claims filed by another owner.

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