Why Hire Us

During his 15+ year legal career, Andy has represented municipalities, companies, and individuals in a variety of transaction and litigation matters. Starting off as a trial attorney on behalf of the City of New York in Brooklyn Family Court, Andy was able to use his knowledge and experience, gained working for a NY Supreme Court judge and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, in handling over 125 cases at any given time. Following his work for NYC, Andy started his own practice representing individuals and businesses in civil, criminal and family courts throughout NYC and the NY metropolitan area. In addition to litigation, Andy also began representing startup companies as part of his firm’s offerings. In 2011, Andy moved to Los Angeles to pursue new opportunities.

Over the past 10 years, Andy has focused on representing companies and individuals in all stages of their businesses, whether startups or established entities. In 2011, Andy was hired to be the lead New York attorney for a Los Angeles-based law firm, and spent the next four years building up the NY practice and supervising other attorneys and staff. During this time, Andy became licensed to practice law in California in addition to New York.

Since 2015, Andy has represented cannabis businesses throughout California, and has consulted with companies and individuals interested in pursuing opportunities both in CA and other cannabis-legal states. Although cannabis has been available for medical use in California since 1996, it has only recently become legal for recreational use and the market has seen significant changes over the past few years. As a cannabis attorney, Andy has worked with cultivators, manufacturers, processors, distributors, retailers and testing laboratories, along with management companies and landlords, on the formation, licensing and operation of their businesses. In addition, Andy has represented companies that are on the periphery of the cannabis industry, such as hardware manufacturers and technology providers. He has helped cannabis businesses obtain dozens of licenses in Southern California for all areas of cannabis activity, and has appeared before government boards and agencies as part of the licensing process; over the last few years, Andy has represented buyers, sellers and financers of cannabis businesses on transactions valued in excess of $50,000,000. Some of his recent activities have included the licensing of a dispensary with onsite consumption in Palm Springs; the sale of a distribution center in Santa Ana; and the purchase of a Los Angeles company with retail, cultivation, manufacturing and distribution licenses. Andy has also successfully obtained trademarks and copyrights for cannabis companies on the state and federal levels.

In addition to his representation of cannabis businesses, Andy has worked with companies in industries including entertainment, education, restaurants, and personal accessories. As a corporate attorney, Andy has often been called upon to provide outside general counsel services and legal advice on all matters, including employment, real estate, trademark and copyright, and transactions. The very first company that Andy helped form was a television and movie production company in NY in 2006, closely followed by a restaurant that is still operating near South Street Seaport.

Andy enjoys helping his clients come up with creative solutions and is always focused on achieving the results that they desire.